The Option Of Adoption

The Option Of Adoption Christine Bowersox was a sophomore in high school when she sat in a presentation about teen pregnancy. The speaker was talking about the options available to pregnant teens, such as abortion, parenting, and adoption. Christine remembers … Continue reading

Legal But Not Safe

Legal But Not Safe Parents who have to bury a child say it is an emotional challenge that words cannot explain or feelings cannot be compared to. How does one explain such a loss? Tom and Eileen Smith found themselves … Continue reading

Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders There is an ongoing debate over the value of life. This debate does not have borders nor is it confined to a specific geographic region. The issues of abortion, euthanasia, stem-cell research, and infanticide, are pervasive on all … Continue reading

March For Life 2008

March For Life 2008 If you were to fly over Washington DC on January 22nd and look down, the ground seemed to be alive and breathing, and it was alive and breathing with movement,¬†a¬†movement. Over 70 thousand members of the … Continue reading

Protecting Black Life

Protecting Black Life What is the number one killer of African Americans? The first time Shannon Nixson was asked this question she did not think the answer would be abortion. As a community counselor to many women in her home … Continue reading