Silent No More

Silent No More Abortion is often described as an easy fix, but a growing number of women say abortion left them with more problems than it solved. All say if they could do it over, they’d choose life for their … Continue reading

A Time to Weep, A Time to Laugh

A Time to Weep, A Time to Laugh This week, we met seven-year-old Gina Rugari – a living example of how cord blood stem cell research is helping children born with Krabbe. This is a genetic disorder that almost always … Continue reading

Former Abortionists

Former Abortionists This week, we sat down with two former abortionists who are speaking out about the profession they say left an emotional scar on them and the women they treated. Dr. Tony Levatino performed first and second trimester abortions … Continue reading

Love Them Both

Love Them Both Being pro-life means more than saving a baby’s life; it means supporting the mothers. Our cameras gave us an inside look at organizations that say they do both. First, we traveled to Columbus, Ohio, where we toured … Continue reading

Can-Do Women

Can-Do Women Due to unexpected pregnancies, more than one out of every four babies conceived is killed by abortion. But our story this week is about women who choose life instead – some even in the face of severe criticism … Continue reading