Youth Moves

With more than one-fourth of their peers “missing” because of abortion, America’s youth are joining together in the battle to protect human life.

First, our cameras took us to a group of college graduates who told us why they chose to delay their careers to start Wash for Life, an organization sponsoring nationwide car washes to benefit crisis pregnancy centers.

Next, we caught up with eight students who, months before, had set out on a 3,200-mile, cross-country journey – a journey they’re making on foot. It’s called Crossroads, a yearly pilgrimage that encourages young people to publicly speak out about the value of life.

Then, we found musician, Erik Whittington, who told us about Rock for Life, an organization that uses music to educate and activate young people on pro-life issues.

All say they are part of a growing majority of young people who not only know abortion is not the answer but are also willing to do something about it.

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