Years with Faith

Each year in the United States there is an estimate of 4 million babies born with a birth defect or abnormality. On estimate, 14 thousand abortions are performed annually after a mother learns the baby she is carrying has a birth defect.

Fortunately, for Faith Dabe, abortion was not an option when her parents found out she had congenital hydrocephalus, a condition severely impacting the development of the brain. Doctors gave a grim prognosis for Faith’s life span and said she would live only one week after birth.

Rachel and Brett prepared for Faith’s birth in ways most parents wouldn’t dream of. Due to the poor prognosis, Brett had already visited a funeral home and picked out a gravesite for their unborn baby girl. When Faith was born, and began to breath on her own, there was a positively shocking realization that her life was just beginning.

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