Where It All Began Part 1

Dr. Jack Willke and his wife Barbara Willke have been labeled the “father and mother of the pro-life movement.” Together they have lectured in 76 countries, authored educational books and pamphlets, and impacted legislation through their independent roles with National Right To Life, Cincinnati Right To Life, and Life Issues Institute. Their passion for teaching the world about the impact of abortion on both the mother and the baby has helped to bring the pro-life movement to where it is today.

During the 1970’s Dr. Willke was a practicing obstetrician. His wife Barbara had years of medical and educational experience as a nurse. Together they were introduced to the reality that abortion was going to have a long-term effect on the American family. Already published authors and speakers in the area of sex education, the Willkes decided to take on the issue of abortion. After co-authoring “Handbook On Abortion,” which became the primary reference on the topic of abortion for the pro-life movement, the Willkes started educating the world through pictures, pamphlets, and more books. Nearly forty years later they are still working to preserve the life of the pre-born.

Margie Montgomery is one individual who instinctually knew altering the societal impact of abortion was going to take many educated voices and a lot of perseverance. Prior to the Roe versus Wadedecision legalized abortion in 1973, Margie was distributing the Willke’s “Handbook on Abortion” along with their education pamphlets, from her basement. Years later, she and her colleagues have authored pro-life legislation in her home state of Kentucky, taking the tax dollar out of abortion funding; eliminating the number of abortion facilities in Kentucky; and educating the public. Today she is the Executive Director of Kentucky Right To Life.

Episode Corrections:

In this episode Margie Montgomery is listed as the founder of Cincinnati Right To Life.  CORRECTION:  Margie Montgomery is the Executive Director of Kentucky Right To Life.

In this episode Dr. Willke is said to have met with Pope John Paul the III.  CORRECTION: Dr. Willke met with Pope John Paul the II.

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