Unexpected Joys Part 2

This week we are recognizing the positive developments being made in the Down syndrome community and how these developments are being embraced by society at large.

There are an increasing number of young adults with Down syndrome enrolled in college, working in businesses, and enjoying sports and the arts. April Meyers and Mac Mattheis are two people representing the thousands of young adults progressing through life with Down syndrome.

April was excited to share pictures of her and her boyfriend at their senior prom. When asked to share something that she is really proud of, April excitedly expressed her love and dedication to working out. She has recently lost 20lbs. Lots of people struggle with losing weight, but it’s even more of a struggle if you have Down syndrome because of predisposed health hurdles that each individual needs to overcome. April’s passion for sports and people is evident in her involvement with Special Olympics medals, cheerleading championships, and managing the girls on her high school volleyball team. She is looking forward to enrolling in college in the near future.

Mac Mattheis has an interest in film and photography. He has just finished his freshman year at Northern Kentucky University and works at grocery store. Mac would one day like to work at Blockbuster because of his interest in movies. Mac has been enrolled in public schools throughout his academic career. This form of academic inclusion has proven to be very beneficial for his social, academic, and professional pursuits.

As society progresses forward, there are many doors opening up which are allowing individuals to walk into mainstream academic and social environments. With encouragement and implementing inclusion, individuals living with Down syndrome can make a difference in their communities and beyond.

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