The Story of Noelle

Jonathan Keene (David Wall) is a cold and pre-occupied priest trying to rid himself of his past. When he is assigned by the Catholic Church to shut down a dying parish, he is brought face-to-face with his silenced guilt in the most unusual place.

While writing the part of Jonathan Keene, David says he did not set out to write a story about a man dealing with post-abortion stress, but the more he thought about the concept of guilt, grace and forgiveness, it became a part of the character’s plight, and thus a part of the story.

Kerry Wall plays the part of the town librarian, Marjorie Worthington. Marjorie is a quiet woman who finds contentment in her small town life…or so she leads others to believe. Jonathan Keene and Marjorie cross paths and eventually find out their individual guilt, from choices they made, can actually bring grace to each of their lives.

Kerry says that working with her husband David, on this film, was a fantastic experience. However, she would not recommend a couple diving into such a project if they didn’t have nineteen years of marriage behind them.

Brennan Wall acts as Noelle, a little girl who keeps appearing to Jonathan Keene as a vision from his past. She appears at moments of contemplation, doubt, and discontent. Noelle is the face of another life for Keene, but because of fear and apprehension this little face only haunts him.

Brennan made her debut in this film at the age of six. She is eagerly looking to a future of acting, dancing, and singing.
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