The Red Thread That Binds

It is an ancient Chinese belief that a red thread connects those whom are destined to meet, regardless of circumstances, time, or place. In this likeness, perhaps there is a red thread that binds an orphan to the love and acceptance of a family; a family like the Ingles.

Seventeen years ago Rick and Heather married and started a family: Nicole (16), Addison (14), Shawn (11), Hayden (10), Grace (8), Kel (7), Michael (7), Isabel (7), Tyler (5), Anna (5), William (4), and Jessie (18mnths). Mom and dad, plus two dogs, make an even sixteen.

Rick and Heather Ingle say they don’t have a “save the world” mentality – they simply have a passion for making a difference; one child at a time.

Julie Kantor is a neighbor who learned about the Ingle family years ago while reading her local paper. She said for some reason she could not get the Ingles out of her thoughts. Finally, fourteen months later, Julie ended up meeting Heather while walking her dog passed the Ingles home. It was then that Julie knew she had to actively support the Ingles—not because they were asking for support, but because she had a passion for giving. This began a journey the Ingles and Julie never really anticipated.

Julie has organized back-to-school drives, Christmas giving, home organizational days, and small renovations. Today, Julie is working with a community of friends to put an addition onto the Ingles home. Since there are as many as four children sharing a room and all fourteen are sharing one bathroom, Julie says they are raising money to make the home more functional, nothing extravagant— just the necessities. The Ingles are still a bit overwhelmed by the knowledge of one person’s desire to reach out and support them; especially because they are simply living the life they know they’re called to live.

It takes one person to make a difference. Let the ripple effect begin.


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