The Blessings of Big Families: Part 1

Speaking of Motherhood is a group comprised of six moms who travel across the country and share their testimonies of family and motherhood on college campuses, at women’s conferences and even in high schools. The founder, Jenn Giroux, is a registered nurse and mother of nine children who sees her role as a mom to be her crowning achievement.

On the road, Jenn is joined by Mary Ann de St. Aubin (mother of four), Nancy Findley (mother of eleven), Darla Wainscott (mother of three) and Kristina Fiore (mother of nine). These moms share their powerful testimonies of being open to many children and respecting the idea of motherhood.

Today’s media and the feminist movement have shaped the way that society views motherhood and large families. Two children per family has become the norm and couples that desire more than that are sometimes judged and ridiculed. Respect for motherhood and family has been devalued. But the ladies of Speaking of Motherhood are hoping to change these norms by sharing a counter-cultural message about family and motherhood.

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