Surprising Realities of Brain Death and Organ Donation Part 2

Part two of this special program on end-of-life issues challenges the conventional medical wisdom of how patients are treated and offers practical steps families can take to advocate for their loved ones.

The demand for viable organs to transplant has led to an increase in brain death diagnoses and the use of aggressive tactics by organ procurement teams towards families. Not enough people are aware organs must be harvested from a donor with a beating heart. Upon learning this shocking reality, many people are choosing to opt out of organ donation, but refusal must be documented. Bobby Schindler and the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network are working to provide practical help for families who’re dealing with the trauma brain death diagnoses bring. This is a life-and-death issue plaguing patients across the country. Families and medical professionals have the authority to advocate for loved ones and ensure that every person is valued and given the best chance for treatment and recovery.

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