Saving the Unborn and Moms in Ethiopia Part 1

The African country of Ethiopia is full of beautiful, inspiring people. Unfortunately, many lead a hard, poverty-stricken life. Young women who become pregnant outside of marriage are abandoned by their families and face a lifetime of struggle. Many turn to abortion as an easy solution. But Living Hope Maternity Home is hoping to combat this trend.

Founded four years ago by Dinah Monahan and her husband Mike, Living Hope Maternity Home is the first ministry of its kind in Ethiopia. It is run by Executive Director Meseret Seyoum, who has a heart for women facing unexpected pregnancies. She makes frequent visits to the hospital to reach young women planning to have an abortion.

Once a young woman chooses life for her baby, she is brought to live at the maternity home. Here she learns how to properly care for herself and her baby, she learns basic household chores, and she can even continue her schooling. The girls also make beautiful beaded jewelry to sell in the United States and the money goes directly into their own savings accounts. Many of the girls remain after their babies have been born and the bond they form with their children and each is other is remarkable to witness.

The stories of these young women are unique and heartbreaking, but they each end in the life of a precious new baby and a renewed spirit of hope. Living Hope Maternity Home is providing a safe haven and a chance for a better life.

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