Protecting Life on America’s Airwaves

The National Religious Broadcasters Convention is an annual event held at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Broadcasters and media professionals from around the world gather to network and learn about the great work being done through inspirational media. Dr. Frank Wright is the President and CEO of NRB. During his time with NRB, he’s seen the media landscape become increasingly more liberal. He spoke to the role NRB and the convention play in impacting this environment.

Along with Facing Life Head-On, Brad hosts a one-minute daily radio commentary called Life Issues. Rich Bott of the Bott Radio Network has been instrumental in helping the program share the pro-life message and impact listeners. Along with Rich, Peggy Campbell and Lee Ann Jackson from Ambassador Advertising have been significant to the production and distribution of the program. With their help, Life Issues airs on over 600 radio outlets, ensuring that this critical message is heard across the country and beyond.

Dr. Frank Wright believes that the best way to reach viewers is to tell the stories of real people dealing with life issues, something that Facing Life Head-On has been doing since its inception. WLMB TV is a local station in Toledo, Ohio that has been carrying the show for several seasons. President and CEO Jamey Schmitz shared some specific stories of how the program has impacted local viewers in a profound way.

2010 could be a defining year for our country, making it more important than ever that inspirational media outlets continue their efforts to present viewers with the truth. One person can make a difference and one program can make an impact.

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