Physician Assisted Suicide Part 1

In 1997 Oregon legalized physician assisted suicide and called the initiative the Death With Dignity Act. In March of 2009 the state of Washington will begin allowing physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to patients. There are some rules, or safe guards, that need to be met in Oregon, and in Washington, such as: the patient must be told by two doctors they only have six months left to live. The patient should be checked for depression. The patient must take the lethal dose of drugs on their own, orally.

This week Brad met with five guests, all of whom are involved with the Death With Dignity Act. Each guest has a different perspective on the legalization of physician assisted suicide. However, there is one common theme found among each guest: there is nothing undignified about dying naturally, and the moment a physician becomes an agent in a patient’s death is the moment the medical system begins to weaken.


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