One Vote Counts

This week Brad met with three guests, all of whom have one thing in common: they want the leaders of this country to promote a culture of life. Whether these leaders are in the oval office, or in the high court, or even state or city officials; their position on the life issues takes precedence over all other issues.

Andrew and Maria Bremberg say the way a candidate views life really speaks volumes about the way they will lead the people of this nation.

Sherly Jourdain says if the morals and values of a candidate don’t line up with hers, specifically in the area of the life issues, she is not going to vote for that leader.

Ed and Deloris Miller have served in the Navy, Ed as a pilot and Delores as a nurse. They are proud of their country, and believe the future of this country is in the votes of individuals like them; and like you.

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