New Visual Research Exposes Planned Parenthood 

Sue Enouen recently conducted some cutting edge research regarding Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minority populations. By analyzing the newest census data, Sue thoroughly examined the neighborhoods around Planned Parenthood abortion facilities. While the fact that Planned Parenthood targets minorities is nothing new, this research boils the targeting down to street level and shows how the abortion giant has primarily placed facilities within walking distance of minority neighborhoods.

Arnold Culbreath, the Urban Outreach Director of Protecting Black Life, partnered with Sue to publish her findings. Their team created an interactive map that clearly displays the findings.

Ramona Trevino and Nicole Anderson-McWhorter are two women who have personally experienced Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minority neighborhoods. As a former Planned Parenthood clinic manager, Ramona saw the targeting through Planned Parenthood’s hiring practices and facility locations. As a young African-American living in a predominately black neighborhood, Nicole was familiar with the local Planned Parenthood. She even sought their help when she became pregnant after high school.

Ramona and Nicole are now both pro-lifers and are working to spread the word about Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minorities.

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