Miracle Miscarriage

Christy Strasel underwent a D&C, dilatation and curettage, which evacuates the womb after a miscarriage and is also used in first trimester abortions. After one ultrasound visit she was told she miscarried her baby. The doctor did not recommend another ultrasound before the D&C. Christy later found out the ultrasound technician recommended a repeat ultrasound be conducted.

According to Dr. Pat Marmion, an OBGYN, a D&C procedure is not needed this early in the pregnancy. Despite the procedure, which suctions out the uterus with a force seventeen times stronger than a household vacuum, life prevailed.

Seven weeks after the procedure Christy was experience symptoms of pregnancy. She returned to her doctor for a second ultrasound and was told she was carrying a fourteen-week-old baby. Christy recalls the moment of realization in the doctor’s office as a very quiet and positively shocking experience.

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