Miracle Babies, Abortion Survivors

Babies escape abortion more times than people realize and this episode puts faces to a growing segment of society know as abortion survivors. Guests include:

Melisaa Ohden: She survived a failed saline abortion in 1977 and was left for dead by the abortionist. But a nurse later found her and stepped in to save her life. Melissa was later adopted by a loving family and has been sharing her story since she found out about her survival history. This past year she founded the Abortion Survivors Network to bring together survivors who are ready to share their stories.

Josiah Presley: Josiah is a 17-year-old from a large adoptive family in Oklahoma. His life is filled with an incredible faith and a loving family. But his life could easily have been over before it even began when his birth mother attempted to abort him. Josiah miraculously survived and is just beginning to share his story with others.

Claire Culwell: She grew up knowing she was adopted but in 2009, after searching for her birth mother, learned the truth of her birth. Pregnant at 14-years-old, her birth mother had an abortion. Claire’s story is shocking and emotional, and one that she has spent the past several years sharing with people across the country. Every time she tells her tale of survival, she receives positive words of encouragement and astonishment.

Stories like Melissa’s, Josiah’s and Claire’s are more common than most people realize. It’s through these stories and faces that hearts and minds will truly be changed about abortion.

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