Men in the Aftermath

This week Brad met retired sports anchor John Morales and the co-executive producer of “Bella”, Jason Jones. Both men lead very different lives, but are suffering from the same traumatic life experience. They say there are many man like themselves who have struggled for years with anger, depression, guilt, or commitment issues because of a past abortion that took the life of their child.

John remembers getting down on one knee and begging his girlfriend, at the time, to reconsider the abortion. As a young guy in his twenties, John says he might not have made the best decisions in life up to that point, but he did know one thing: this was also his child and he wanted to show her support by helping her through the pregnancy. However she decided that wasn’t what she wanted and demanded $250.00 from John so she could abort their child. John says after that his life began to take on different meaning.

Jason and girlfriend where sophomores in high school—not really carrying about much of anything. The day his girlfriend told him she was pregnant was a day he will always remember. They both came to a mutual agreement to do whatever they had to provide for their baby. As seventeen year-olds in high school, that meant a lot of innovation. Jason joined the army. The plan was to make it through boot camp, become employed in the army, and then he and his girlfriend would get married. Things didn’t work out as planned. The baby was never born. The relationship ended and to this day Jason is impacted by a legal system that allows someone to end the life of a child—their child.

Since abortion became legal in 1973 there have been 50 million babies aborted. It is estimated that one out of every three women has experienced an abortion. Deductive reason leads one to conclude; and reflecting on Dr. Catherine Coyle’s conclusion, one in every three men have experienced the emotional rollercoaster ride that follows their partner’s decision to abort the life of their child. (Season 3, Episode 6)


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