Marked for Death Part 2

In part two of this two-part series, we’ll hear Melissa Ohden’s account of when she first learned she was an abortion survivor. At the age of 14, after a fight with her sister, Melissa finally discovered the truth about her birth. Melissa’s adoptive mother, Linda Cross, sat her down to explain the details regarding her survival of a saline abortion. The shocking news completely changed her outlook on life.

After years of pain and healing, Melissa was finally able to grapple with the tragedy of her past. Then during her freshman year of college, she decided to begin the lengthy process of finding her birth parents. She discovered that her biological father was actually living in her city. While the journey was emotional and didn’t go according to plan, Melissa was able to reach out to his family. Today, she now has a wonderful relationship with several members of his family.

After years of feeling embarrassed and shy about her past, Melissa finally felt ready to share her story. She now travels across the country sharing the details of her survival and emphasizing that all children, no matter how small, have a right to life. Melissa feels compelled to share her story in the hopes that women facing unplanned pregnancies won’t make the same decision as Melissa’s mother.

Melissa now has a family of her own. She and her husband Ryan have been married for five years and are currently busy raising Olivia, their two-year-old daughter. Melissa knows that her history as an abortion survivor will impact her family for years to come. She is living proof that abortion does have a generational impact.

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