Komen’s Dark Side

Eve Silver once worked for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, America’s largest breast cancer awareness and prevention organization. Eve sat on the board of Komen’s Latino Advisory Committee, which focused on educating Latino women to lower their rate of breast cancer diagnosis. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, Eve had a personal connection to this cause. Then she found out that the abortion she had years earlier increased her risk of a breast cancer diagnosis. Not only did Eve become aware of the 36 scientific studies supporting this link, but she realized the money being raised by Susan G. Komen was funding Planned Parenthood; the number one provider of abortions in America.

Eve sought out the research of physicians on the east coast, also aware of the link between abortion and breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute ,co-founded by breast surgeon Dr. Angela Lanfranchi and her colleagues, has been studying the link for years. She stands firm on the research supporting an increased risk of breast cancer in post-abortive women. Dr. Lanfranchi says it is an injustice to hide such a risk from women, yet this is indeed the case. She continues to say that women will make their own decisions regarding their health, but if they do not know the facts they cannot make informed choices.

Making informed choices is the mission of Karen Malec’s organization. As the president and co-founder of The Coalition on Abortion and Breast Cancer, she speaks out against the funding being given to Planned Parenthood by the Susan G. Komen foundation. Malec says records show during 2007 the Susan G. Komen Foundation gave 700 thousand dollars of funding to Planned Parenthood. Women deserve to know their risks, Malec says, and abortion should be on the list of breast cancer risks.

All three women ask the question: Why fund a breast cancer organization that is providing services to women which will increase their risk of breast cancer? Eve, Karen, and Dr. Lanfranchi classify breast cancer research money, which is in turn given to fund abortion services, as “pink money”. They urge you to consider where your money is going and how it is impacting generations of women.

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