Insider Exposes Planned Parenthood Part 2

In part two of this two part series, we’ll hear the story of how Abby Johnson’s heart and mind were changed. In her 8 years at Planned Parenthood, Abby had never participated in an actual abortion. Her pro-choice position changed dramatically when she took part in an early abortion procedure. After witnessing the tragedy of abortion, Abby knew she could no longer work for Planned Parenthood.

At the time, the fall 40 Days for Life campaign was taking place. Abby could see the pro-life group holding a peaceful vigil outside of the abortion center. It was at this moment, that Abby knew she could seek comfort in the arms of the pro-life movement. She is now working with the pro-life group Coalition for Life and telling her story so that others will know the truth about Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

Jenny Hutchinson is the coordinator of the 40 Days for Life campaign in Louisville, Kentucky. The peaceful presence of 40 Days for Life serves as a witness to the staff and women entering the facility. Ray Loebker is an abortion picketer from Cincinnati, Ohio. Four days a week he posts signs and offers literature to women contemplating abortion. He has found that a peaceful, compassionate presence is more likely to change the hearts and minds of abortion-minded women.

A prayerful presence outside of Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas moved Abby Johnson to leave the abortion industry and become a part of the pro-life movement. Now she is fearlessly telling her story in hopes that others’ hearts and minds will be changed.

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