Houston, We Have a Problem

A super abortion center is currently being built in the heart of Houston, Texas. The mill will be the second largest abortion facility in the world, second only to China. But pro-lifers across the country are mobilizing their efforts to protest and put an end to the construction of this killing center.

Matt Lockett and Leah Nelson are leaders within Bound4Life, a grassroots prayer mobilization movement targeting the end of abortion. They joined forces with The Call Crisis to mobilize a peaceful protest against the giant abortion center. The Call took place on January 17th and 18th and involved thousands of pro-lifers taking part in a prayer gathering and silent march to protest the center.

The new mega abortion center in Houston is located between two major universities as well as in the center of 4 minority neighborhoods. Arnold Culbreath is the urban outreach director for Protecting Black Life. He discussed how the mega center’s location is in direct alignment with Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minorities.

Three of the 4 neighborhoods surrounding the abortion center are over 80% Hispanic. Yesenia Basas is the director of a pregnancy clinic in Miami, Florida. As a post-abortive woman she now has a passion for informing minority communities about the agenda of the abortion industry. Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, the President of the National Hispanic Leadership Conference, talked about the devastating effect abortion has had on the Hispanic community. But he remains hopeful that they will continue their efforts to mobilize minority communities against the abortion industry.

The amazing events that took place in Houston are just the beginning. Prayer and silence can have a powerful impact and pro-lifers across the country will continue the fight to stop this abortion super center.

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