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When Dawn first came to a Good Counsel Home she and her three young children had been living in a two bedroom apartment with her boyfriend’s family. A friend had told her about the possibilities for growth and personal development through the services provided by this organization. During Dawn’s interview she held her three week old son on her lap. Without the support of Good Counsel Homes, Dawn says she would have had to do what many women feel they need to do when they unexpectedly become pregnant; abort. Currently Dawn is raising her five children in their own place, working in the medical field, and looking to enroll into college courses in the fall.

Rebecca is a mom who says she would have been on the streets, or back in jail, if she didn’t have the help and support from the team at a Good Counsel Home. After learning how to take care of herself through lessons in hygiene, cooking, time management, internet use, resume building, and interviewing techniques, Rebecca began to take pride in her role as a woman in society. She is preparing to move from the home into her own apartment. Dawn and Rebecca represent hundreds of women who have benefited from the stable environment in each home.

Executive Director, Chris Bell, said he started the first home in 1985. Chris was working at homeless shelters in Time Square and realized the shelters were not providing for the needs of women with infants nor pregnant women. Twenty three years later there are five homes in the greater New York metropolitan area. Chris, along with a large staff, have established a 24/7 toll-free hotline for pregnant women to call if they need a place to live. Each home provides a bedroom for each guest and has a “house mom” available at all times. There are case managers at each home during the day to provide assistance with the life skills program, government paperwork needing to be filed for each woman, and helping with any outside course enrollment. Each home also provides day care, which allows mothers to work and take classes in the community. With support and guidance many of the moms move on to make a home for themselves and their children.

For the 24 hour hot line for Good Counsel Homes, call 1-800-723-8331.

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