Empty Nest Adoptions

Bob and Tracy Gavigan have been married for 30 years and are the proud parents of four biological children. Earlier in their marriage, they had considered adoption, but the timing never seemed right. With most of their children grown, Bob and Tracy finally took the leap and brought home 2-year-old Sophie from China last December.

Dwayne and Marla Hastings have been married for thirty years and were already the parents of five children when Marla felt called to expand their family. Over the last several years, the Hastings have adopted three children from China: Grace, James and Hudson. At first, their friends thought they were crazy. But Dwayne and Marla knew they had much to offer children in need of a loving family.

Shane Pass is the children’s minister at Clearview Baptist Church in Franklin, Tennessee. With some help from his wife Heather, Shane started an adoption ministry that provides financial and emotional support to families pursuing adoption. While Shane and Heather had been married for 17 years, they had no children. They finally decided to pursue adoption. After three failed adoptions, Shane and Heather refused to lose hope. And six months ago their faith was rewarded when they adopted a baby girl named Hallie.

These couples are living proof that it’s never to late to adopt and provide a child with a loving home and family.

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