Bobby’s Story

If you were to ask Bobby Martin if he has a disability he would boldly say, “No.” Despite the fact that Bobby does not have legs, due to a severe condition of Caudal Regression Syndrome, he continues to tackle life like a six foot tall man with a passion for the game of football. Bobby’s goal oriented attitude is what propelled him to win an ESPY award in 2005 for “Best Male Athlete with a Disability”.

Bobby began his athletic career early in life as a wrestler. He then progressed to football and found he had an advantage over other players. Above average upper body strength coupled with being closer to the field gives Bobby a different perspective, both on and off the field. He has been through some major challenges in life, but he looks at them as goals to conquer.

Bobby’s advice for others facing physical challenges in life is to look at the situation from all angles and find a way to succeed. Bobby’s advice to individuals who may advise to abort a child after learning of a physical disability, he says, “That’s wrong. Even though the child may have a disability they still have a soul, they still have a brain, and they still have feelings.”

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