Abortion: The Rape I Consented To

“The abortion felt like I was being raped again, but I consented to it.” Nicole Cooley speaks through tears as she recalls her decision to abort her child. After Nicole realized she was pregnant as a result of a date rape, everyone she sought guidance from said an abortion would be the best choice, but ultimately, it was her decision. Years later, Nicole has healed from the rape, but emotionally healing from her decision to abort her baby still lingers in her mind. She suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome after the birth of each of her three children. After much counseling, and loving support from her husband, today Nicole says she is in a much better place.

At a young age Rebecca Kiessling knew she was adopted. On her 18th birthday she began to search for her birth mother and father. After a few attempts, her case worker handed over paper work describing both biological parents. Rebecca realized her mother’s information was a lot more descriptive than her father’s. Reading the information spawned Rebecca to ask if it was a police report, which then led her to ask, “Was my mother raped?” The case worker quietly said yes. From that day forward Rebecca has been redefining her life purpose. Rebecca knows her mother tried to abort her three times, but during the late 60’s abortion was illegal, so she didn’t go through with it. Today Rebecca speaks out against abortion, especially in the case of rape.

The Elliot Institute’s, Amy Sobie, joined Brad to dispel some misconceptions about rape and abortion. After a variety of research was conducted on post-abortive women who had also been raped, 93% of women regretted aborting their pregnancy conceived in rape. And, like Nicole, many agreed the abortion was like being raped a second time.



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