Abortion Survivor

The place was Seoul, South Korea. The time was 1987. A woman underwent an abortion procedure attempting to end the life of her 32-week-old baby. The abortion was unsuccessful and a baby girl was born alive. No one is certain how this baby survived, but it is known that within minutes of her unintended live delivery, this little life was wrapped in newspapers and left alone on a shelf to die.

Teresa was rescued and taken to a hospital where she spent the first few months of life before being placed in a foster home and eventually adopted by Susan and Victor Ippoliti.

Now living in the Midwest U.S., Teresa shares her thoughts and feelings about surviving an abortion.

In light of this, you may be asking yourself; are aborted babies really left to die after being born alive? The answer is yes.

In fact, in 2002 the United State government passed a bill to protect infants born alive after an abortion.

The “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” states that any baby born alive after an abortion has the right to receive the medical attention needed to assure they survive.


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