Abortion Awareness in the Black Church

Brad met with the co-founders of Everlasting Light Ministry, Brian and Denise Walker. Together this couple has experienced the reality of abortion, but it took seventeen years into their marriage to begin talking about how their past decision was negatively impacting the relationship. Denise and Brian are now reaching out to other couples, and singles, as they are walking through similar journeys.

Zakia McKinney has a passion for meeting women where they are and encouraging them to become someone they want to be. As the founder of Junia Company, Zakia meets with women all across the nation. She says many times women will express the hurt they have encountered due to a past decision to abort.

Reverend John Stevenson pastors a church in the suburbs of the mid-west. Recently he has decided to speak from the pulpit about the impact of abortion on families—particularly black families. As a husband, father, and spiritual leader, Rev. Stevenson says the church needs to be a place of refuge for people faced with unplanned pregnancies.

Together these guests agree that the church community needs to be educating, supporting, and facilitating programs for women and men who have been touched by abortion.

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