A Special Family Reunion

Twenty-four years ago, Bethany Steele’s birth mother, Kim Shelton, found herself unexpectedly pregnant. Already the mother of two sons and in the midst of a divorce, she was scared and unsure of what to do. She seriously contemplated having an abortion. But with the aid of a Pregnancy Help Center, Kim lovingly decided to make an adoption plan for Bethany.

John and Elaine Steele were living in the same town as Kim. They already had one adopted son, Nathan, when they felt ready for another. Bethany was welcomed with open arms into the Steele family. Although Bethany experienced nothing but love and acceptance from John and Elaine, she always felt a part of her was missing. Once she turned 18, Bethany made the decision to search for her birth parents.

Kim and Bethany were reunited a few months later amidst many hugs and tears. Not a day had gone by that Kim hadn’t thought of Bethany. During their first meeting, Kim informed Bethany that she had two brothers. Surprisingly, Bethany already had a connection to each of them. Bethany and Kim’s reunion has brought the Steele and Shelton families together to form one big, happy family. Both families have been greatly impacted by this adoption reunion; a true testament to Kim’s loving decision to choose life and adoption.

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