A Look Back: Season 5

This past season of Facing Life Head-On has yielded some amazing and powerful stories. In this episode, Brad takes a look back at four episodes that stand out as favorites.

We’ll start by revisiting Sarah and Tony Stevens and their journey to carry and give birth to quadruplets. Sarah’s doctor initially advised her to abort some or all of her babies. But Sarah and Tony made the decision to continue with the pregnancy. All four babies were born last summer, and though it was a long, hard journey, they’re all home and healthy. Isabella, Landon, Jackson and Samantha have made Sarah and Tony’s lives complete.

China has a terrible reputation on human rights—and with good reason. For the past 30 years, they’ve enforced a brutal one-child policy on their citizens. We are thankful for the bravery of Zhang Min, a former Chinese citizen forced to undergo three abortions, for sharing her heart-wrenching story with us. We hope her powerful testimony will bring awareness to the tragedy that’s occurring.

And who could forget the two-part tribute to our American soldiers and heroes? As the father of an American soldier, this episode holds a special place in Brad’s heart. The episode focuses on the stories of three American soldiers and the lifetime sacrifices they and their families have made.

And remember the story of Loveland’s High School prom? The seniors banded together to elect Drew Anderson and Toni Alten-Crowe, two classmates with Down syndrome, the King and Queen of prom. The kind words their classmates had to say about them are a testament to the fact that all human life has value, regardless of abilities.

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