A Look Back: Seasons 3 & 4 Amazing Stories Revisited

Over the past four seasons Facing Life Head-On has had the opportunity to bring viewers some truly amazing stories. In this episode, Brad revisits four of his favorite episodes from seasons three and four.

We’ll start by revisiting Missy Davert. She is only 2 feet and 11 inches tall, yet is the proud mother of twins. Despite a doctor’s advice to abort her children, Missy decided to keep both of her beautiful children. Austin and Michaela are now 10 years old. They have been instilled with the belief that just because you’re different doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish your dreams.

For every abortion that takes place, there is also a man involved. John Morales and Jason Jones are two men who are living with the regret of being involved in an ex-girlfriend’s abortion. They shared their stories of struggling with anger and depression. But sometimes the path to healing can lead to amazing things. Jason is making significant strides in educating others about the impact abortion has on men, women and children. He’s dedicated his life to ending abortion in the U.S.

Who could forget Brad’s interview with Abby Johnson? Abby had been working at a Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas for eight years. In her time there, she had never participated in or seen an abortion procedure. But one fateful day she was asked to assist during an ultra-sound guided abortion. What Abby witnessed that day changed her heart and mind forever.

Remember Tasha Danvers Smith? When Brad first met Tasha, several years ago, she was England’s number one hurdler. Tasha and her husband Darrell, who is also her coach, were training for the 2004 Olympics when they found out they were pregnant. Despite intense criticism from other athletes, Tasha and Darrell decided to put their Olympic dreams on hold and focus on their family. Four years later, with her son Jaden by her side, Tasha accomplished her Olympic goals by winning a bronze medal at the Beijing

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