A Look Back: Season 7

In this past season of Facing Life Head-On, we’ve seen some remarkable and heart-warming stories. In this episode, Brad revisits stories that stand out as favorites.

First Brad revisits traveling to Austin, Texas, where he covered the battle surrounding major pro-life legislation. Dedicated pro-life legislators and staff fought a life-and-death battle to pass a bill that protects Texas unborn babies and their mothers.

Next, he looks back on the Sparkle Effect program being implemented at Finneytown High School. The Sparkle Cats are an inclusive cheerleading squad that are adding sparkle to the lives of three very special high school students.

Then Brad returns to the GEMS support group. GEMS—Giving Each Mother Support—offers encouragement and resources to birth mothers coping with placing their children for adoption.

And finally, Brad remembers his once-in-a-lifetime and eye-opening trip to Ethiopia.

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