A Life Full of Potential EMMY® Nominee

Patrick Henry Hughes is a remarkable young man who was born without eyes and without the ability to fully straighten his arms and legs, making him unable to walk. Despite these overwhelming obstacles, Patrick has excelled as a student and musician. He started playing the piano at an extremely young age and took up the trumpet in elementary school. He learns by listening to pre-recorded music and the way he plays is delightful to the ears.

While attending the University of Louisville, Patrick joined the marching band. Band director Dr. Greg Byrne was determined for Patrick to participate in the whole experience. So Dr. Byrne crafted the drills in a way that Patrick’s father could push his wheelchair through the formations. The sight of this father-son team was inspirational to fans. Inspiring others is something that Patrick Henry Hughes does best.

He is an uplifting young man who has a tremendous impact on all who know him. He doesn’t expect people to treat him differently, and in turn they treat him with kindness and respect. In today’s society, if Patrick’s condition had been diagnosed in the womb, doctors may likely have advised his parents to abort the pregnancy. But they know that would have been a terrible decision.

The Hughes hope parents and families learn from their remarkable story, and see the blessings that can come from challenging situations.

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