A Blessing Times Four: Part 2

Several months ago Brad sat down with Sarah and Tony Stevens, who had just found out they were expecting quadruplets. But the happy occasion was marred by fear and sadness when Sarah’s first doctor advised them to abort all four babies or selectively abort some. Knowing they could never intentionally take the lives of their children, Sarah switched doctors and began the long journey of carrying quadruplets.

After 33 long and difficult weeks, Sarah was finally able to deliver all four of her babies. Sarah had surpassed the doctor’s goals, but the quads were still very premature and not yet out of danger. After several weeks in the hospital, and many scary moments, each baby was gradually allowed to come home. Once home, the task of taking care of four babies was daunting. But Sarah and Tony have been blessed to have the support of family and friends. They moved in with Sarah’s parents, Sondra and Tom Head, and Sondra helps Sarah with the daily and nightly routines. And Sarah’s sister Devon is a big help in the evenings and on weekends. They also saw an outpouring of aid from their church, family and friends. Everything they’ve needed has been provided
to them.

Even though the medical odds were stacked against her, Sarah Stevens was able to bring four beautiful new babies into this world. It’s a true testament to the miracle that unfolded and the power of prayer. These four beautiful babies now have a testimony that will serve as a powerful message for years to come.

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