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Season 5

Episode 22: Planned Parenthood and Your Tax Dollars
The Indiana State Legislature has led the way acting to de-fund tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. But the abortion giant isn't going down without a fight.

Episode 21: The Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood
Girl Scouts are a part of many American homes, but in the past several years the organization has been marred by controversy. Should parents be concerned and where should they look for alternatives?

Episode 20: A Look Back
Brad takes a look back at his favorite episodes from season five.

Episode 19: Turning Disability into Opportunity: Part Two
Part two of this inspiring episode chronicles the stories of 4 people who are overcoming disabilities and finding the blessings that can come with the unexpected.

Episode 18: Turning Disability into Opportunity: Part One
Life is full of obstacles and unexpected surprises. In part one of this episode, we'll meet three individuals who are overcoming mental and physical disabilities in order to live a fruitful and worthy life.

Episode 17: A Crowning Achievement
EMMY® Nominee
The story of one very special high school and how its students came together to give a very memorable evening to two of its most loved seniors, both of who have Down syndrome.

Episode 16: A Lifetime Sacrifice: Part 2
EMMY® Award Winner
In part two of this two-part episode, we learn about an American soldier's road to recovery and learn how the families of two brave soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice are coping with their loss.

Episode 15: A Lifetime Sacrifice: Part 1
In part one of this very special two-part series, we hear the incredible and tragic stories of three courageous American soldiers who have paid a lifetime sacrifice to protect our freedoms.

Episode 14: A Life Full of Potential
EMMY® Nominee
Dealing with severe disabilities doesn’t mean an individual can’t lead a life full of remarkable accomplishments and potential. Patrick Henry Hughes is out to prove that all lives have amazing potential.

Episode 13: Beating the Odds of Viability
How early can a premature baby survive outside of the womb? Well, Carmine Yannitti weighed only 13 ounces when he was born and is stomping all medical odds.

Episode 12: Inconceivable
Carolyn and Sean Savage were awaiting news that their fourth baby was on the way. But when the doctor called, they received information that seemed inconceivable. During the process of
In-vitro Fertilization, the doctor had implanted the wrong embryo, leaving Carolyn pregnant with someone else’s baby.

Episode 11: Abortion and the Church
Religious leaders across the country aren't unified _when it comes to the welfare of unborn babies. Hear from members of the clergy who support different sides of the abortion debate.

Episode 10: A Miraculous Reversal
This is the triumphant story of how two women didn’t give up and persevered to stop and reverse a late-term abortion.

Episode 9: Choosing Life In Sin City
There's a reason Las Vegas is known as "Sin City." But within this city, a pro-life medical center is thriving and doing their best to help women choose life for their unborn babies.

Episode 8: Life Prizes Awards 2009-2010
Meet the recipients of the 2nd Life Prizes Awards and learn about the amazing work they’ve been doing to help further the pro-life movement.

Episode 7: Pro-Abortion Bias in the Media
When it comes to the abortion issue, the mainstream media isn’t known for it’s balanced reporting. Whether it’s their omission of the subject, the language they use, or an attack of the pro-life position, the media have a particular way of portraying abortion.

Episode 6: A Blessing Times Four: Part Two
Sarah and Tony Stevens were surprised when they went to the doctor and found they were expecting not one, but four babies. After a long, difficult pregnancy, Sarah safely delivered all four of her babies. And now you’re going to meet them!

Episode 5: The Marketing of Abortion
Everyday millions of homes across America are subjected to various forms of advertising. And one industry that’s taking advantage of this is the abortion industry. Which brings up the question: how far will the abortion industry go to market
their market?

Episode 4: Civil Rights Movement of the
21st Century
The Freedom Rides were an important part of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Now, a new era of Freedom Riders are fighting for the civil rights of the unborn.

Episode 3: A Special Family Reunion
Bethany Steele was lovingly placed for adoption twenty-four years ago. Her story of adoption and reuniting with her birth mother is a testament to the wonderful joys choosing life and adoption can bring to multiple families.

Episode 2: Cries from China
China has a terrible reputation when it comes to human rights. For decades, China’s women and babies have been subjected to the brutality and tragedy of the one-child policy

Episode 1: Update from Capitol Hill
During the last 2 years under the Obama administration, we’ve seen a dramatic change in the way government affects our lives. Hear from major pro-life players on Capitol Hill about the ramifications of the healthcare bill and their speculations for what the November elections will bring for America’s unborn babies.


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